We sample carpet from many of the major mills in America today. These include: Mohawk, Horizon, Alladin, Holly Tex, Gulistan, Shaw, Beaulieu of America, Alexander Smith, Queen, Tuftex, Coronet, Cumberland, Bigelow, Dixie, wundaweave and Milliken.

These carpets are manufactured of Nylons from Stainmaster, Anso, Weardated and a few generic brands. We also are proud to offer the new Sorona and  Smart Strand carpet from Mohawk. This is a new fiber so unique it is protected by patent.


Carpet can and is used in every area of the home, though we certainly don't recommend it's use in bathroom, utility room, or kitchen areas. Each area of the home has a differing need. Living rooms, hallways, family rooms and stairs require a carpet that can take the traffic and abuse that it is subjected to in these high use areas. Bedrooms can be carpet in lesser weight materials.

How do you know which carpet to put where? We make it easy. Every carpet is our store in labeled by ounce weight and gauge, or density. For a high use area you want a carpet with a minimum ounce weight of 45-50 ounces. The tighter the twist of the nylon, the longer the carpet will wear while retaining it's new appearance. The looser the twist, the sooner matting will occur. Density, or tightness of the nylon are not as relevant as the twist and weight. We consider Stainmaster to be the premium nylon on the market today and believe it out cleans and out performs any other nylon offered.

The way the fiber is made is very important too. A continuous filament nylon has better appearance retention than the staple fibers. staple fibers are made of short, six inch strands of nylon twisted into on long strand. These are the fibers that fill your vacuum bag with fuzz, commonly called "shedding". we are strong proponents of the continuous filament nylons.

A looped carpet, or Berber as they are called will offer the same performance characteristics at a lesser weight because of the loop design. Look for a nylon Berber in an ounce weight of 35 ounces or above.

Bedrooms or guest areas do not require as heavy a carpet. Carpet's in the 35 ounce range will serve you well for bedroom or guest room use.

We do NOT believe in Olefin or Polypropylene carpets. They are difficult to clean, pile compaction or crushing as it's commonly known is not restorable in them. They will WEAR as well as any other carpet but they do not have the APPEARANCE RETENTION of the nylon carpets. That is why they are less money. Polyester's perform similarly as well. If you buy polyester, stick to the continuous filament products the the same weight and twist as the nylons.

The new kid on the block is the Sorona, or Smart Strand fiber. It's too new to know a lot about, but so far, results appear to be outstanding with it. Stain and fade resistance seems to be outstanding and they, at this point, appear to be wearing as well as the nylons. We are cautiously recommending them as a high performance fiber as well.

Cedar Creek Carpet, Abbey Carpet of Sturgeon Bay, is one of the only stores in Wisconsin that marks all of our carpets with the weight, density, and composition 'to make your comparison shopping easier. I personally don't understand why any customer would by carpet from a store without knowing exactly what they are buying and why. If carpets are not marked with their specifications, you are at the mercy of the store. It's "Buyer Beware". We are not afraid of competition. That's why we label all of our carpets, so that you, the consumer, can make an informed decision concerning your purchase.