Luxury Vinyl Tiles

These are the new kids on the block. They are made with a mixture of vinyl and limestone, are glued in place, and should be grouted for a realistic look. All vinyl expands and contracts, and for years, that was it's major problem. Today's grouts we use are actually acrylic caulks, so they expand and contract with the product, preventing unsightly cracks between tiles. The tiles and grout are easy to clean and very durable. In my opinion, the higher the limestone content, the harder and tougher the tile. I believe that Armstrong OWNS this market. Beautiful styling, fabulous colors, a problem free product. Mannington's tiles have a far higher vinyl content and as such, expand and contract more than Armstrongs. They are softer as well and the colors and styles not as good. They are still a very good product, but Armstrong is the leader in this field.

 floor with the border and herringbone insert

Along with the Luxury Vinyl Tiles, go Luxury Vinyl Planks. It's a little different story here. With their new lock solid system, Manninton absolutely owns this section of the flooring industry. The planks look exactly like wood, are vinyl, snap together, and float over the existing floor. They come with a 20 year no edge gap warranty.

I believe that this product will, or may, replace the laminate market. They are easy to clean, don't water spot like the laminates and are quiet, without the hollow ring associated with laminate floors. They would be my first choice for hard surface in my own home.